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Collection Report with Prices

Report for the owned cards with their prices and total price of the collection

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be a great addition, I was looking for something simpler that would just give me cards owned and card types (say foil vs. regular) but if your adding in prices of cards it would have to sort foil vs. regular anyway. !

  • Mary commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely! This goes along with my other comment on #1 about being able to generate a report telling you which cards you are mising from a specific artist (in addition to the asked for feature of a report telling you which cards you are missing from a specific *set* <#1 on the most wanted new features list>; being told which cards by a particular artist I don't have yet would be much more useful for me, as I do not collect complete sets but collect the cards of 20+ individual artists); once you are able to set up different "collections" (#3 on the most wanted list!), or honestly just create a list after filtering through certain criteria from your main master list of cards you own, it would be great to be able to print a report on each sub-collection/filtered list letting you know how much it is worth, statistical breakdowns like how much of a certain color, casting cost, how much are foil, etc etc.,

    Also, in conjunction with the #1 request, say I wanted to make a sub-collection of all of my Rebecca Guay cards; I would have all of them listed, the quantity, which are foil etc. (and I would let the software know that my goal is to have at least one copy of each card she ever drew, and at least one foil of each applicable card as well) I would have the system generate a report that tells me what my whole Rebecca Guay collection is worth; *then* using the tool asked for in the #1 request, I would have it tell me which cards I'm missing that were ever illustrated by her (using my established parameters of ">0 normal copies of every card ever illustrated by her" and ">0 foil copies of every card drawn by her that also came in foil"; *then* I'd have it tell me the value of all of the missing cards by Rebecca Guay combined, this way I can have an idea of how much money I will need to spend to complete my Rebecca Guay collection; then I could also have it tell me what the *total* value of a full Rebecca Guay collection would be, including the ones I alreay own + the ones the report has told me I am missing...
    Then after I repeated this process for each artist, I could make another sub-collection of *all* the artists I collect combined, and it could report how much money *total* it's going to cost me to finish *all* of my complete artist sets, and then it could also tell me how much the completed collections would be worth all combined...

    The above is just an example of how three of the four top-requested features (#s 1, 3, and 4), if implemented, would all work in conjunction with eachother to make filtering, reporting, and predicting future costs a breeze. One can't work to it's full potential without the other, so I ask that all three be implemented (with the addendum to #1: not just generating a report of missing cards from complete sets, but also artists <or creature types (say you want to collect all Drakes), or "cards containing the word "goblin"" or similar, or "all 3 cmc green creatures" etc... the possibilities are truly endless; whatever you collect, no matter how obscure, there could be a way to list the ones you own, and report the ones you are still missing; just choose the criteria to create your list, let the software filter the cards you own in order to generate a list that meets that criteria (all "creature type: faeries", for example>, then generate a report of cards you *don't* currently own that meets that criteria. Then you can run value reports as well, honestly these 3 features together would be spectacular, and would *vastly* reduce the amount of legwork generally required for such a huge undertaking. Thanks so much for reading my suggestions, and everybody vote for #4!!!

  • GeekDoc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ... Or a filtered set thereof. There are times I would like to know the approximate value of some group of my older cards.

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