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Collection automatically tracks quantities used up in decks

It appears that you manually have to note the used quantity of cards in your collection. When you pull a card into a deck, it would be nice to show that it is used. I realize that some people create a variety of phantom decks. But used is a separate column and the card would still show in the collection.

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  • Zach Romans commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is the feature I was most hoping to find when I decided to abandon my home-grown spreadsheet and try out MTG Studio. I have ~ 10k cards and 40 or so decks with perhaps a hundred of cards (multi-lands, uber-artifacts, etc.) "shared" between multiple decks, and keeping track of which deck currently contains those cards is a royal PITA.

    So what I'd like is a Cards -> "Assign To Decks" item, and a Current Deck(s) field in the Collection panel/view.

    "Assign To Decks" would bring up a listing of my Decks, with "Assigned" and "Current" counter inputs for each Deck. The "Assigned" counter is for the number that is Assigned to a given deck, and the "Current" counter is for the number currently in that Deck. For example, I've got 5x decks that all share my 4 Underground Seas. So I'd input 4 in the "Assigned" input for each of those 5 decks, and I'd input 4 in the "Current" input for whichever deck the physical cards are currently built into.

    For the "Current Deck(s)" column in the Collection panel, I'd like a comma-separated listing :

    <deck 1>:<#>(, <deck 2>:<#>, ..., <deck N>:<#>)

    Taking this one step further (scope creep!)... a "Locate Cards For Deck" tool wherein you choose a Deck from a selection list, and get a list of all cards that are in that deck which are Assigned to multiple decks, and for each of those cards a list of the decks to which they are Assigned, with the number that deck [should] currently contain.

    Hope that makes sense.... thanks!

  • pascal commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm interested to know in wich deck is each card of my collection, now I used the colonne storage, but is really long to fill it each time I build a deck, Is it possible to do it automaticely when I add card to deck


  • aviator79 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If implemented, this should be optional. I have multiple "real" decks that share cards.

  • Ertzi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely the most essential addition in my opinion. The ONLY one that I personally need anymore from MTG Studio. After that everything else is just a bonus.

    I will not offer any technical opinions, as I don't have the required knowledge to comment. Any way this is accomplished works for me.

  • Gad D Lord commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Suggested Design: What you say about a new screen called "My Decks" where you can
    1. Add/Remove decks from your local disk by selecting them from an Open Dialog

    If you add or remove decks to the "My Decks" the number of cards used in the decks is added/subtracted from the collection "Used in Decks" column.

    Whenever MTG Studio starts if checks if each deck in "My Decks" is still present on disk. If not a warning message is displayed in the Messages window and the decks is removed from the list.

    The "Used in Decks" column in the Collection is run-time evaluated by loading the "My Decks" at MTG Studio startup. The value will NOT be stored in the mtgstudio.collection file since it is always run-time evaluated.

    MTG Studio "listens" while decks are being edited if the Last Modified timestamp of a deck has been changed and reevaluates the "Used in Decks".

  • Gad D Lord commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    dvrobin wrote: I guess a column Available in the Deck Grid can be added to show the amount of that specific cards available in the collection. Should it be set-insensitive (Terror from 10E to be counted as Terror from 4E?) I think yes.

  • Gad D Lord commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dax Legend wrote: I have some suggestion

    1.- In Deck from Collection mode, 2 Buttons to click :
    - Reset Used cards --» Reset all the field ''used'' to 0 in collection
    - Add to Used --» Increase the used value of each cards in deck
    * only usable when a deck is open, I think that's will be more easy to do this way

    2.- A new filed in collection called ''Deck Name'' that would be a drop down list, in this list, add the name of the deck that contain this card, no matter how many card in this deck. The deck name would be added when I press ''Add to Used'' button.
    Ex. If I have 3 ''wrath of god'', 2 in a deck and 1 in another, in this list I can see the 2 deck name where I can find them in the drop down list.

    The 2nd suggestion would be harder to program, but the point, I have a 45000+ cards collection, and I have like 30+ decks... just to improve the way I can find my cards between decks

  • Olaf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If this feature is added, I would buy the license for this game.

  • GeekDoc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a key feature I have found lacking in all card inventory programs I've tried.

    If one could mark a deck as "fantasy" or "real", the cards from the "real" decks could be tracked as "used" in the collection(s). Of course, if multiple collections are implemented (please!), "real" decks would have to be linked to the appropriate collection.

    Users could share deck builds by exporting their "real" decks as "fantasy" decks before sending to friends.

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