How prices work in MTG Studio?

There are two types of price lists - batch and online:

Batch Price Lists

Batch price lists are a list of thousands of cards and their prices available as a huge file which is imported in MTG Studio. Since those are available "in advance" after being imported they can be used for populating the Price and Market Price columns by taking the average price for non-foil cards.

Batch prices are downloaded from File | Import | Card Prices menu. In order to update the Collection Price and Market Price columns use File | Update Prices menu.


  • Those prices can be used automatically to fill in Prices and Market Price columns


  • Since there is no way to prefer one Batch price list over another it puts an average non-foil price tag for you foil cards as well and disregards its condition, set, etc.
  • Unfortunately there are not many Batch Lists vendors available on the market. Currently we do support just 2 Batch price list vendors
    • ABU Games
    • and Magic Traders
  • Most of the back price lists do not provide Foil prices or prices for other special cards like Graded, Autographed, etc.
  • The Update Prices process is lengthy and can take hours for a big collection (more than 10 000 cards).

Online Price Lists

Those price lists are available on demand (whenever you select a card). There are more than 70+ online stores which MTG Studio can take prices from.

Those prices are displayed in the Prices tab and also in the Pick Price dialog called when you press "..." button in Buy At and Sell At columns.


  • There are 70+ major price stores to pick from
  • You have full control over the best possible price mathcing the cards quality, set, foilness, autographed or not, graded, etc.


  • You have to assign the best matching price manually for each card one by one from the Buy At and Sell At columns.

eBay Prices

MTG Studio can also look into eBay prices. You have to select a card and then use Online | eBay Sales menu.

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