Prices & Registration

What is included in the MTG Studio price?

The current price of MTG Studio is $29.95. It can be purchased from

When you purchase MTG Studio you receive the following:

  • Lifetime license for the current MTG Studio version and any future MTG Studio versions, upgrades, and patches
  • License for free upgrade of any new Magic expansion set (new editions and their expansions)
  • License for any new MTG Studio enhancements (such as the forthcoming Multiplayer version)
  • Support by email (
  • Your MTG Studio forum account is marked with "Registered User". (Just send an email to providing your MTG Studio registration name and forum name)
  • Ability to request product enhancements treated with greater priority
  • Ability to demand a personal quick-fix (send by email) if you find a critical bug or malfunctioning of the product
  • if the MTG Studio price change in the future (currently sold at $29.95), there would NOT be any additional charges

The policy which we use when selling MTG Studio copies is called "Pay once - own forever"

[This policy was last changed Jun 2007]

Gad D Lord ( PalmROOT, Inc.

Limitations of the Unregistered Version

  • The unregistered copy of MTG Studio is fully-functional. It contains all dialogs, cards, sets, etc. as the registered version.
  • The only difference that you can use it only for 30 days after installation.
  • In addition, we provide limited support (and minimal priority of it) for unregistered users.

As soon as you register your copy of the program, you will receive a registration key (serial number) that removes the trial expiration period.

Your registration is valid for all MTG Studio versions with 0.x.x and 1.x.x version numbering. Being a registered user, you receive free-of-charge program updates and the highly-prioritized technical support.

How to Register?

You can register your copy of MTG Studio via RegNow e-commerce provider using your credit card. The registration fee is $19.95 only; volume discounts are available. You can register on-line, via fax, toll-free phone, by check, cash, or bank/wire transfer.

On the Internet, go to our Web page at:

Or, you can go directly to the order page:


  • Make sure you give us the correct e-mail address when filling the order form; if you make a mistake when typing it, we'll be unable to send you a registration code.
  • On payment approval, we'll send you the registration key which will remove the trial period.
  • If you do not receive the registration key by e-mail within 24 hours after you place the order, please send an e-mail to
After you recieve the registration key via email do the following:
  1. Open MTG Studio
  2. Open the Registration dialog box by choosing the Register command from the Help menu
  3. Click Order Online
  4. Your default Web Browser will open and navigate to the order form
  5. Fill in all the required fields in the order form (such as name, email address and credit card details)
  6. Submit the order form
  7. Within couple of hours (at least six) you will receive an email with your registration key.
  8. Open again the Registration dialog box (see step. 2) and fill in the "Registered To" and "Key" fields. You have them from the email received.
  9. Click "Register". The program will quit.
  10. Start MTG Studio again

If the registration was successful on the splash screen you will see your "Registered To" value in green color.

If you still see "Trial Version (x days lest)" please complete the preceding steps again.

Payment methods

You can pay with your credit card at VISA, Discover, AMEX are supported.

Sending a fax

Our Toll Free Fax Number in the US is 1-800-442-3172. Internationally you can fax us at +1 952-646-5604 .

Phone ordering

For phone orders and order related questions, the Toll Free Number in the US is 1-877-353-7297. Internationally you can reach us at 1-(952) 646-5331. Phone ordering is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Contacting the provider via postal mail

RegNow/Digital River 9625 West 76th Street Eden Prairie, MN 55344 United States of America

For ordering questions, please fill the Customer Service Form.

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