Installation Folders

During the MTG Studio setup several folders are created and files copied within. Below is a description of the MTG Studio files and folders used:


Open.png C:\Program Files\PalmROOT\MTG Studio x.y.zThis is the main folder where MTG Studio is installed.

By default it is "C:\Program Files\PalmROOT\MTG Studio x.y.z" where "x.y.z" is the version of MTG Studio(for example 1.6.3).

This location of this folder is chosed during the installation process.

Do not modify or delete any file in this folder since this will break the MTG Studio installation.

Filler.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.exeThis is the MTG Studio main executable file.
Filler.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.hfwThis is the MTG Studio card pool file containing all card definitions.
Filler.pngDocument.png gdiplus.dllThis is a Microsoft library for GDI+ 2D rendering. This file may not be installed by the installer if your operating system in Windows XP or higher since they have it preinstalled.
Filler.pngDocument.png ImportCollection.csvSample collection in Generic CSV file format.
Filler.pngDocument.png Desktop.iniThis file is used to change the folder icon to the default MTG Studio icon (a hand with chopped finger).
Filler.pngDocument.png MTG Studio on the Web.urlThis is a link to the official MTG Studio web page.
Filler.pngDocument.png MTG Studio Forum.urlThis is a link to the MTG Studio support forum.
Filler.pngOpen.png LocalesInternal browser resources. Do not modify this folder's content.
Filler.pngDocument.png avcodec-53.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png avformat-53.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png avutil-51.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png chrome.pak

Filler.pngDocument.png d3dcompiler_43.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png d3dx9_43.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png icudt.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png libcef.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png libEGL.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png libGLESv2.dll

Internal browser libraries.
Filler.pngDocument.png libxml2.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png iconv.dll

Filler.pngDocument.png zlib1.dll

Internal XML processing libraries.
Filler.pngDocument.png unins000.exeThis is the MTG Studio uninstaller executable.
Filler.pngDocument.png unins000.datThis file stores installation settings used during the uninstallation process.


Open.png Root Configuration FolderThe configuration folder is different depending on winch version of Windows you are using.

Vista onwards: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PalmROOT\MTG Studio X.Y.Z\Configuration

Pre Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\PalmROOT\MTG Studio X.Y.Z

This is the folder where MTG Studio settings are stored.

Username is the Windows username you use.

X.Y.Z is the version of MTG Studio you are currently using.

Lets we assume that we are currently logged in Windows with the username Osvaldo and you are using MTG Studio 1.8.3 -

in this case the folder for settings will be "C:\Users\Osvaldo\AppData\Roaming\PalmROOT\MTG Studio 1.8.3".

Filler.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.collectionThis file stores the user card collection.
Filler.pngOpen.png Card ArtThis folder contains the scanned card images from various sources and editions.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png AlliancesThe scanned cards from Alliances editions must be placed here.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png AlphaThe scanned cards from Alpha editions must be placed here.
Filler.pngFiller.png...Folders for other Magic sets.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png WotCIn this folder downloaded from Internet card images will be stored.
Filler.pngOpen.png My DecksThis folder contains lots of precreated Magic decks in various formats.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Apprentice.DecDecks for Apprentice multiplayer.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Magic Interactive Encyclopedia.xmlDecks for Magic Interactive Encyclopedia.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Magic Suitcase.mdbDecks for Magic Suitcase.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Magic Workstation.mwDeckDecks for Magic Workstation.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Mana Deck.dckDecks for Mana.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png MTGO.decMagic Online 2.0 decks.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png MTGO.dekMagic Online 3.0 decks.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png MTGO.txtMagic Online 2.0 and 3.0 decks ix text format.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png MTGPlay.xmlDecks for the MTG Play multiplayer.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Shandalar.dckDecks for Duels of the Planeswalerks and Shandalar.
Filler.pngFiller.pngOpen.png Wagic the Homebrew.txtDecks for Wagic the Homebrew.
Filler.pngOpen.png LogsIn this folder the log files of MTG Studio are stored.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png 2009-21-01.logThe log file for the date Jan 21-th, 2009.
Filler.pngFiller.png...Log files for other days.
Filler.pngOpen.png ConfigurationThis folder contains the configuration settings of MTG Studio.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.confOptions dialog.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.deskThis file stores the look and feel of the main window - position of the various panels, column settings, etc.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.menusThis file stores the user customization of the menus and toolbars.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.cardpool.filterThis file stores the latest Card Pool filter settings.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.collection.filterThis file stores the latest Collection filter settings.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.deck.filterThis file stores the latest Deck filter settings.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png mtgstudio.printerThis file stores the latest used Printer settings.
Filler.pngFiller.pngDocument.png Notes.txtIn this file the MTG Studio user can define custom notes for a card.

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